Outlaw's Kiss

[PDF] Outlaw's Kiss | by ↠ Nicole Snow - Outlaw's Kiss, Outlaw s Kiss AN OUTLAW S KISS SEDUCES CONQUERS AND NEVER LIES MISSY The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation Guess nobody told him you don t take cash from killers withou
  • Title: Outlaw's Kiss
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Outlaw's Kiss | by ↠ Nicole Snow, Outlaw's Kiss, Nicole Snow, Outlaw s Kiss AN OUTLAW S KISS SEDUCES CONQUERS AND NEVER LIES MISSY The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation Guess nobody told him you don t take cash from killers without savage consequences Now the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club owns my sister and I We re only alive because the rugged hulk with the piercing eyes who won t stop ordering meAN OUTLAW S KISS S [PDF] Outlaw's Kiss | by ↠ Nicole Snow - Outlaw's Kiss, Outlaw s Kiss AN OUTLAW S KISS SEDUCES CONQUERS AND NEVER LIES MISSY The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation Guess nobody told him you don t take cash from killers withou

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  • [PDF] Outlaw's Kiss | by ↠ Nicole Snow
    169 Nicole Snow
Outlaw's Kiss

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  1. Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Snow started writing romance to escape office politics Today, she writes about powerful alpha males and irresistible bad boys, serving up some of the hottest romance on the shelves.Fan favorites include her novels Prince With Benefits, Marry Me Again, and Fianc on Paper Plus her Grizzlies, Deadly Pistols, and Prairie Devils MC series Snow s style ranges from suspenseful to sweet, and there s always something swoon worthy in the works.For new releases, exclusive giveaways, and a FREE bad boy book, join the Nicole Snow Newsletter nicolesnowbooks nicole snoConnect with Nicole here Facebook facebook nicolesnowboBookbub bookbub authors nicolWebsite nicolesnowbooksTwitter twitter NicoleSnowBooksPurchase Links Nicole Snow e

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  1. 2.5 Not feeling it Stars SpoilersI love me some MC love stories but there is a hard line to walk for the authors that write MC stories They have to make the bikers bad ass without making them unredeemable douche bags There is a thin line in between pussy and dickhead and if the author doesn t walk that line just right it makes the story either cheesy and unbelievable or makes the hero an asshole I end up hating This book at times tap dances on the lines of cheesy and unbelievable I had a hard ti [...]

  2. 3.25 STARS Oh Dear, I hate it when a book doesn t grab meI absolutely LOVE MC books so any chance to read an Author I haven t read before is always exciting.But this one just didn t do it for meSTORY OF BRASS AND MISSYThe only way to save Missy and her sister from death is for Brass to claim Missy as his.The attraction between them is obvious and for about the first third of the book they are trying to fight it view spoiler He must have been a Stallion in bed because as soon as they have sex she [...]

  3. Helloooo MC romance fans It s Nicole Snow here again with another wicked biker love story Check out these quote cards I made for a delicious taste of what you ll find inside this novel OUTLAW S KISS Official Release 12.29.2014

  4. image error It was an okay read I expected the story to be a bit MC and not a bunch of teenage bitches fighting over everything Has anyone seen Mean Girls Yea, exactly Plus the hero was heroine addict with scars from his usage, I just couldn t get over that It might make sound selfish but there is nothing attractive about a gorgeous guy with an 8 pack and tracks up his arms Heroine though Some weed, a bit of a drinking issue, even a couple of lines I could have dealt with but he was referring t [...]

  5. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review This book is absolutely amazing every time I thought I might be at the end because it has hit what seemed to be the climate of the story it just went higher This is the story of Jordan or Brass as he is called by the MC Saffron s Brother that we met in an earlier book and Missy In the beginning of this book Missy and her sister Jackie are sitting at their father s side in the hospital as it is the very end of his life He as been battling cancer [...]

  6. Didn t real feel either main characters and the insta love Also the story didn t quite work for me The grizzles are portrayed as these hard core kill torture dismember and ask questions later gang Yet they had Missy and left her untouched Yeah, I don t think so Appreciated that we got our happy ending that way, but at the same time it totally ruined any semblance of redemption the book had left for me.

  7. Well what can I say but Oh Lord I need to find me a Grizzly Bear Seriously though.Brasswow what a total character transformation He went from being a punk a s druggie looser to a drool worthy pure hearted hunk of sweetness you just can t help but fall in love with Brass is still with the Grizzlies MC after they spared his backside from od ing and being burned alive with the rest of the rogue Grizzlie scum he was hanging with He s cleaned up and trying to do right by his club Only problem, Brass [...]

  8. I was graciously given this book to read as an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.Wowser What a frickin ride this book took me onThe Grizzlies MC Romance is starting out to be a kick ass series Nicole Snow has done it yet again She has written another story about Brass Saffron s brother from the Prairie Devils MC series , that will knock your socks off Brass and Missy s story is so believable, explosive, sexy, and a full on nail biting, faced paced, in fighting, cross MC alliance and all cons [...]

  9. First I just want to say I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book I was one of the luck people to receive an ARC copy of Outlaw s Kiss If you like your stories full of hot men, down and dirty sex, and full of gripping emotion then this is definitely the book for you Nicole Snow has a way for making you come away from reading her books revitalized because you find yourself so wrapped up in the story you forget about everything for awhile I was not sure about reading Brass s story because he was such a jer [...]

  10. Fan fucking tastic ten star read Granted you re only suppose to give five, OutLaw s Kiss surpassed them So applause lause Thank you Nichole Snow for breathing life into the MC books and reminding me why they re my favorite genre Your series is number four at my top five biker s list Now onto the review.Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert I m gonna hit you, right where it hurts I m gonna give you, everything that you deserve If you need attention, something to say Let s hear your confession [...]

  11. GRITTY AND RAWFirst book in the Grizzlies MC series, this is not a hearts and flowers romance, in fact it s raw, gritty and violent It might not be to everyone s taste Missy and her younger sister are suddenly left alone in the world when their father who was a cop dies He wasn t a good cop either he was into bad and dangerous things Just before he dies he tells Missy to look in the basement of their home What Missy finds is a treasure trove, unfortunately there are others after it, namely the G [...]

  12. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Nicole Snow This is Grizzlies MC Romance series by the author.Missy and her sister are taken by the Grizzlies MC club because her dad snitched and stole from them Brass made a snap decision to save the life of the 2 females but he thought he was able to just keep his mins off of her body but he was wrong.This is a hard hitting motorcycle life story and it is not a hearts and flowers kind of story Booze, drugs and violence take over [...]

  13. Brass he is one of those men who likes his woman hands on, you know how to do this right Put it on I won t pass up any excuse to get your hands on my d again He s also very hands on when it comes to his woman, what time does Jackie come home I asked, digging my fingers into her round a God damn I d never, ever get tired of it Like all bikers he s not very sharing when it comes to his woman, I m not the sharing kind of guy Instinct tells me to rip another dude s d off if he even looks at what s m [...]

  14. 4 1 2 I didn t think I would like this book I assumed this was going to be corny and over the top based on the description I WAS WRONG I was hooked from the beginning to end of this book I am definitely continuing with this series.

  15. Difficult and uncomfortable read at times 3.5 stars.When I read Outlaw kind of Love by this author I remember commenting that it was a softer type of MC read the same can not be said for this book, it s dirty, dark and gritty, uncomfortably so at times.It took me a long while to get into this book this was partly due to Brass s past, to me there s just nothing sexy or romantic about a druggie or even ex druggie with track marks remembering just how good it used to feel to be high F , she was goo [...]

  16. Raw,gritty,rude,crude everything you would expect in an MC read.Missys only chance of survival was to be claimed as Brass s old lady.The moment their eyes met there was no denying the connection With a knife at her throat Brass did the only thing he could to save her from his brothers in that moment and that was claim her as his own The clubs in trouble theres betrayal,wars with other clubs and storms brewing.Brass grows to love Missy and will do anything to keep her her sister Jackie safe.There [...]

  17. I was given an ARC for an honest review I absolutely loved the story between Brass and Missy Their journey along with her sister was crazy I loved every minute and just loved the adventure the club has to handle What an amazing author and another awesome book in this series Loved it

  18. This was the perfect blend of all the necessary ingredients that make up a magnificent MC erotica romance novel There were plenty of alpha males good AND evil , women and children in need of help, danger and drugs, violence and crime, and last but most definitely not least unimaginably scorching sexd lots of it.Brass real name is Jordan is the lead hero and he sucked me in from the very beginning He s done bad things in his past but it is apparent that he s trying to turn his life around His add [...]

  19. I didn t think that I would love a Grizzly after loving all of the Deviles, but I found my self intrigued to learn about Brass after the few glimpses that we saw of him in the other Outlaw Love books that Nicole has published this year I was very pleased with how Nicole made you look at Brass from the moment that he enters the book If you ve ready any of the Outlaw Love books you ve had a glimpse of the Grizzlies and they seamed to be a group of bikers that we should all run from Brass is one o [...]

  20. Missy and her sister Jackie have been through a lot in their lives Now their father has died from Cancer and they must move on Missy thinks they need to move before the house is taken from them Their dad left them nothing That is when Missy remembers what he said in the hospital Was he joking about something stashed in the house When Missy goes looking she finds what he was talking about And there is a boat load of money just waiting to give her and Jackie a better life When Missy is woken by a [...]

  21. I was given an ARC for an honest review, and this is off the charts, from start to finish I loved it The beginning got to my since loosing my father to cancer so I had emotional tug to Missy Jackie, put I even got a half sister name Jackie so thats another connection I had to Missy, but my dad wasnt like their father, but they lost their father to his illness and Missy has to find a way to support her and her 14 year old sister Her father gave her advice on his dying breath and when she takes up [...]

  22. 3.5 StarsI liked this book, but it didn t stand out to me as anything special What I liked was that there was grit I hate fluffy biker romances, but this one did have some darkness and portrayed some of the uglier sides to the biker lifestyle, which I look for in a biker book What I didn t like the insta love romance It just didn t seem completely believable to me I didn t really connect with the main characters, or the progression of their relationship The drama was also rushed There were insta [...]

  23. Wow My addiction to this series continues I can t believe this series keeps getting better better.wow Loved Brass I hated him in the early books but now I see a beautiful side to him This book is well written sucks you in I could not put it down It hits all your emotionsnsitive, caring, loving, Hot Hot, intense, nail biter rough bloody mcjust gives you everything I like how the Praire Dogs plays a roll love those guys girls I can t wait for HEA Yeah No cliffhanger Yeah I did receive a free copy [...]

  24. 3 Stars, maybe 3.5 In no way a 5, I must have read a different book Just okay The heroine was annoying and very idiotic in one scene near the end Brass was nothing spectacular but he was the most interesting character of the book He also was different from his previous appearances and gained my respect for having a direct hand in changing his MC.

  25. Awesome MC romance story Brass has a shady past Missy has not had a favorable one at all After a series of events our of BOTH of their control, Brass steps to save Missy s life and claims her as his womant he d only met her moments before I really enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to others who like MC Romance books

  26. Great start to a new MC series Brass, a secondary character from the Prairie Devils series, has grown into a strong man willing to fight for what he feels is right He and Missy make a good couple and he shows his strength by standing up to the immorality and changes that need to come to the Grizzlies club I m looking forward to the next one in this series.

  27. I read this book because I got a ARC of book 2 and I like to read books in order I know it wasn t necessary but I am happy I did because you get out of these books by reading them in order it just helps the experience and follow along with everything that is happening.

  28. Great book from a great author This is an intense story from the very first page to the last and was very difficult to put down, so I read it in one go Watching the relationship grow between Brass Missy while dealing with FangWow Intense, hot, heart pounding story.

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