Keys To My Cuffs

Unlimited Keys To My Cuffs - by Lani Lynn Vale - Keys To My Cuffs, Keys To My Cuffs You re the KeysLoki s life was a lie Everything he d done for the last eight years was under an assumed name for the Benton Police Department He d lied cheated and stolen all in the name of the law
  • Title: Keys To My Cuffs
  • Author: Lani Lynn Vale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Keys To My Cuffs - by Lani Lynn Vale, Keys To My Cuffs, Lani Lynn Vale, Keys To My Cuffs You re the KeysLoki s life was a lie Everything he d done for the last eight years was under an assumed name for the Benton Police Department He d lied cheated and stolen all in the name of the law He wore himself thin and not even the open road could take away the pain any Then his little next door neighbor moved in and suddenly he had a reason to get out of bYou re the KeysL Unlimited Keys To My Cuffs - by Lani Lynn Vale - Keys To My Cuffs, Keys To My Cuffs You re the KeysLoki s life was a lie Everything he d done for the last eight years was under an assumed name for the Benton Police Department He d lied cheated and stolen all in the name of the law

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  • Unlimited Keys To My Cuffs - by Lani Lynn Vale
    489 Lani Lynn Vale
Keys To My Cuffs

About Author

  1. Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters worldat is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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  1. This book was really amazing and I thought finally I would rate 5 stars some book by this author It had good hero, interesting plot and some hot times Sadly, it was another disappointment.61% in the story view spoiler One of his exes shows up.He mentions how he likes her, respects her, and she was his long lasting sexual relationship 2 years, on and off Of course she is super beautiful and they work together and he considers her a great friend Heroine is mad and tells him you slept with her, and [...]

  2. Such a feel good series Loki was awesome and Channing was a crazy girl So glad I found this author.

  3. I love you than tuna fishI confess, reading The Dixie Warden s MC series is a guilty pleasure Being the wife of a firefighter, I can relate to so much of what I read and the humor has me in a constant state of giggle snort If that wasn t enough, the author begins each chapter with some hilarious quotes I was looking forward to Loki s story because I knew he had some secrets and I m just nosy that way, I wanted the dirt What I wasn t expecting was how much I would love Channing She s got some is [...]

  4. This is the second book I ve read in this series Reading these books in order will give you a better understanding of the background characters However each book is based on different couples I really need to go back and read the other books as these are fantastic reads This is Loki and Channings story Loki is an undercover cop Channing is his neighbour, who hates cops Loki wants Channing but there are problems to overcome and secrets to be revealed Gripping story that you have you on the edge o [...]

  5. I liked this one, but was a bit bored too, not sure why I liked Channing, liked how she kept Loki on his toes once they were together Loki was ok for me I get why he stayed away from Channing, he was protecting her, but it still bothered me Couldn t he have called her, texted, emailed something, anything just to keep in touch Channing fit in with the other women of the club good, even with the guys I loved how many of them were exposed to Channing s blunt speaking blurting out upon meeting them [...]

  6. Ashley s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThis is the fourth installment of The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC.I had seen the series on and it was mentioned as a series to read if you were a atruegemawardKristen Ashley fan Umm she is the queen so I am sold and I was pleasantly surprised Each book is a standalone but once you read one, you will want to go back and read the others.The Dixie Wardens MC is a club made up of hot firemen and policemen Keys to My Cuff is about Loki who is [...]

  7. Bryce Loki Rector was done with undercover but on his last assignment he finds he is distracted by his stunning neighbor Channing Channing believes Loki is a drug addict with not a lot of drive, but she is also attracted to him even though she doesn t want to be Loki though is trying to find a serial rapist and at the same time trying to quietly protect Channing When Channing finds out that Loki lied about who he was and is a cop though, her long standing fear of cops arises and she is not sure [...]

  8. This is the lighter side of the motorcycle club sub genre with the bikers all being civil servants.There is good humor here and the epilogue is particularly funny but I never settled into this book The hero and heroine are hurting and they hurt each other I never see the kind of safe place I long for them both so the romance doesn t end up working for me.

  9. The cover is hot and the story is hotter When I started reading this story I didn t know it was the fourth book in a series but that in no way took away from the joy of this book I LOVED this novel Loki led a complicated life As a police officer for the Benton PD he had been working undercover for years, did many things he didn t want to think about in the name of law, but he really wanted to get back to a normal life He had good friends, a family in the Dixie Wardens motorcycle club, and a job [...]

  10. Gun safety rules Do not piss off the woman holding the gun Like the other three books, the main male character is a member of a motorcycle club, but is also an undercover detective for the local police department Being in the MC is NOT his undercover job it is what he truly loves I m still slightly confused as to how the MC can be mostly legal which implies they have some illegal dealings when the members are either fire fighters or police officers, doesn t that go against the role of a police o [...]

  11. I was given a copy for a honest review.Keys to my Cuff is the 4th book in The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC series In this book we now get the story of Loki who we know from the previous books is a fellow brother of the MC, Trance s best friend but also a fellow member of the police department Loki is telling his story what he was doing while he was undercover His assignment as an undercover detective is to help find enough evidence to arrest a serial rapist in town While undercover he meets Ch [...]

  12. Not my favorite in the series, but it was pretty good.The main attraction of this read is that it is TOTALLY hot It has a great, possessive Alpha and a not too irritating h Notice the separation of not and irritating with the word too.I felt like the whole big deal with the h was not consistent Basically our h has a HUGE fear with cops There were times where it wasn t even coming up and then the next minute the h would be knockin knees running in the opposite direction of one It made the h s fea [...]

  13. .3.75 STARS 4 STARS for the story 0.25 STARS for proofreading errors big enough to make me go back check to make sure I got it right There are still a lot of problems with proofreading editing There were misspellings, problems with homophones i.e to, two too, etc and obvious mistakes to who was supposed to be narrating No really, after scratching my head, I went back, reread noticed that within 3 paragraphs the narration had gone from Channing to Loki then back to Channing this isn t the first t [...]

  14. I Swear they just keep getting better I love this series and the one before it that led up to and occasionally still shows up in this one Each is its own Happy Ever After stand alone and yet have the characters you know and love from other stories in them You can read them in order or read them in any order you choose, but you need to put this author on your automatic one click list Her heroes are strong and deserving of the title and her female leads are independent and funny and sometimes slig [...]

  15. The books in this series are decent but, in my opinion, they re nothing special They don t have enough depth The author doesn t delve deep enough For example, when did her fear of him disappear I don t think we saw enough of that actually happening One moment she s terrified of him and cops, the next she s all over him even though they ve barely spoken This just didn t do it for me It was okay, but not great.

  16. I didn t like this one as much as the others in this series I couldn t get into them as a couple It s like they barely talk to one another because he s undercover And suddenly she s feeling like she loves him I don t think so But there were some funny moments and some very steamy scenes Not sure if I ll read the next one we ll see.

  17. The cover is hot and the story is hotter When I started reading this story I didn t know it was the fourth book in a series but that in no way took away from the joy of this book I LOVED this novel Loki led a complicated life As a police officer for the Benton PD he had been working undercover for years, did many things he didn t want to think about in the name of law, but he really wanted to get back to a normal life He had good friends, a family in the Dixie Wardens motorcycle club, and a job [...]

  18. mysecretromancebookreviewsarcGet ready to once again laugh your ass off and have your panties get wet when you read about Loki and Channing Each time I start one of these books I say to myself there is no way that this one will live up to the last and I am proved wrong each and every single time Because every book doesn t just top the previous one, it blows them away and Keys To My Cuffs is no exception I think I peed my pants from laughing so hard, I don t want to give any of the book away but [...]

  19. This is an MC Motorcycle Club book that almost anyone can read I say almost because there is a lot of HOT sex in this book and that might be off putting to some Fortunately not me Most of the MC books that I have read are Dark not this one so if you have been unsure of whether you would like an MC book this one is for you And, it is still good for the ones that like all MC books At least it was for me It does help because it has a lot of very HOT men The women in those mens life aren t bad eithe [...]

  20. 4 starThe story has laughs, pain, betrayal, secrets, suspense and heartbreak I was pulled right into this story If you have not read the below I would recommend reading these first Lights to My Siren The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, 1 Sebastian BayleeHalligan to My Axe The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, 2 Kettle AdelineKevlar to My Vest The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, 3 Trance ViddyThis is Channing and Loki s story Loki is working undercover Channing hates cops from a past incident But t [...]

  21. Keys To My Cuffs gives us Loki s story An undercover cop who for eight years has lived and breathed his assignment His disgust at his actions has him hitting rock bottom until he meets his next door neighbor She intrigues him but his being a cop and in an MC are two strikes against him Channing has a past that demands she distrusts Loki but she is attracted to him and soon against her better judgement she begins to trust him Emotionally deep and heartfelt, Vale builds a romance that brings two d [...]

  22. 50 pages in The author makes a big deal of how afraid of cops the h is and her over the top reactions to them Then she sees a bunch of them in swat gear at her neighbors house and what does she do She goes outside and sits on her porch like she s watching a parade That makes no sense and is completely contradictory to her previous reactions Even if you didn t have a fear of police a logical person would stay out of the line of fire not go sit outside and besides they would have put the neighbors [...]

  23. This is a MUST READ Love it like it don t skip it read it It s one that is worth reading over and over again and again hell the hole series is worth reading over and over It s one of those you can t stop until your finished books The story is filled with Friends, Laughs, Love, Passion, Really Hott Sex, truths and some lies It s well worth the time to read and the time to take and fall in love with the Dixie Wardens I know I have Hell I was able to read it from cover to cover all in 1 day and it [...]

  24. Another 5 stars This book wasn t as funny as the last two, but let s be honest, I doubt it could have been This one is serious Loki is an undercover cop Channing is the girl who lives next door She works nights putting the make up on the dead in funeral homes They have secret crushes on each other, but one problem, Channing is terrifies of Cops Read along, join the rest of the gang if you have read the previous books, meet them if you haven t We will be looking to move on to the next in the ser [...]

  25. I am loving such enjoyable stories in this series My husband was a cop a while ago and I remember the calls, the hard cases, and lots that made this book seem real The fiction was far fetched but showed still that people can cooperate for good no matter what they seem to represent in stereotypes.The covers of these books of this series look exactly how each written main character has been described, making this extra special in my opinion, as the guys are all HOT

  26. ARC Review.This story follows along the lines of the previous 3 books All the characters are still prevalent in the story There are also a couple revelations on some older characters The story jumps around some in the beginning between past and present to give the whole story of the main characters There are a couple new character additions The story is focused on the drama than on the love connection Overall it was a good book.

  27. A wreckThis story felt so unfinished The editing did not have much to work with as transitions were rough and the story jumped around a great deal The dialogue is very simplistic and if the author had not written such cute quotes at the beginning of chapters, I would think the author had no sense of her own characters.

  28. I love this author s books Everyone turns out so good I was really excited to read Loki s story Loki was great such an alpha male but very sweet Can t wait for the next book I kinda hope in the future Silas might get a book I know hes older but there is something sexy bout him lol

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