Garnet's Story

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Garnet's Story : by Amy Ewing - Garnet's Story, Garnet s Story In The Jewel and The White Rose we follow Violet in her servitude under the Duchess of the Lake Now we ll hear the Duchess s son Garnet s story in this digital novella a companion story to the New
  • Title: Garnet's Story
  • Author: Amy Ewing
  • ISBN: 9780062385673
  • Page: 160
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Garnet's Story : by Amy Ewing, Garnet's Story, Amy Ewing, Garnet s Story In The Jewel and The White Rose we follow Violet in her servitude under the Duchess of the Lake Now we ll hear the Duchess s son Garnet s story in this digital novella a companion story to the New York Times bestselling Lone City trilogy Garnet the son of the Duchess of the Lake has always been a spoiled playboy But now for the first time Garnet is beginning to reIn The Jewel [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Garnet's Story : by Amy Ewing - Garnet's Story, Garnet s Story In The Jewel and The White Rose we follow Violet in her servitude under the Duchess of the Lake Now we ll hear the Duchess s son Garnet s story in this digital novella a companion story to the New

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  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Garnet's Story : by Amy Ewing
    160 Amy Ewing
Garnet's Story

About Author

  1. Amy Ewing is the young adult author of The Jewel, the first in a trilogy from HarperTeen, coming out September 2014.She grew up in a small town outside Boston, where her librarian mother instilled a deep love of reading at a young age Amy moved to New York City in 2000 to study theater at New York University Unfortunately, her acting career didn t quite pan out She worked in restaurants, as an administrative assistant, a nanny, and a sales representative for a wine distributor before the lack of creativity in her life drove her to begin writing.Amy received her MFA in Creative Writing for Children from The New School, where she was lucky enough to meet a fabulous community of YA writers who keep her sane on a daily basis She lives in Harlem, where she spends her days writing, eating cheese, and occasionally binge watching The Vampire Diaries.

One thought on “Garnet's Story

  1. This was an okay novella, although as it was just a retelling of certain parts of the first book from Garnet s point of view I did find it a bit repetitive and dull view spoiler The only new information was about Garnet driving his car into the lake, and getting involved with a bank girl, which happened right at the start of the book hide spoiler 6 out of 10 br br br br

  2. this is it,im dying to know his story, first i though he would be our main male character, but then we didnt one thing i know for sure is i have a thing for a bad boy3

  3. 3.5 stars I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this Nothing amazing, of course, butThis was a great recap of book 1, told from Garnet s point of view, and it really helped jog my memory It s been almost 2 months since I read The Jewel, and I don t know when I ll get the chance to pick up The White Rose, hopefully soon, but I m glad I picked this up as it cleared up a lot of confusion about Garnet, and affirmed my thoughts that I much prefer him to Ash Excited for the rest of this series now.

  4. Rating 4 out of 5 starsAs with The House of the Stone, I really liked getting to see a different point of view in Ewing s world More than anything, I liked getting to know a little about Garnet what drives him, his personality, and what he was thinking all those times he appeared drunk Even though the book took the same path as The Jewel, it was interesting because it was shown through the point of view of the royalty and gave an inside look into what their overall beliefs on surrogates and the [...]

  5. INITIAL THOUGHTSI totally adore this series and the characters within it I will be fascinated to see events through the eyes of Garnet as he is considered to be in a good position within the class hierarchy in the book, but it is also obvious that he is really quite deeply affected by the events occurring around himOUGHTS WHILST READINGWill I enjoy revisiting the Lone City and seeing events through the eyes of the rather selfish character of GarnetVER COMMENTSThere are two covers for this novell [...]

  6. Ik hou dus helemaal niet van novella s en korte verhalen, maar dit was wat mij betreft wel echt een uitzondering Het is niet zozeer een kort verhaal, maar wel een mooie aanvulling op het eerste boek, vanuit een ander gezichtspunt Ik heb gelijk meteen een heel ander gevoel over Garnet.Op naar het verhaal van Raven D Hopelijk lukt die vanavond nog, want wil morgen dolgraag met The White Rose beginnen Ook 3,5 deze.

  7. I knew in The Jewel that there was something about Garnet I already like him in the first book but I didn t expect to really like him even .

  8. Tolle Kurzgeschichte Nur ich hab sie viel zu sp t gelesen Garnet mochte ich in den anderen B cher nicht so sehr aber hier lernt man ihn richtig kennen Seine Fassade ist doch nicht so stabil, wie er dem u eren Anschein nach zu urteilen vorgibt.Trotzdem sehr lesenswert nach dem 2 Band der Juwel Trilogie.

  9. This was a great novella and a nice addition to the series I like novellas like this that keep me engaged in a series while I m waiting for the next book or give me interesting information I ve always liked Garnet s character, but we don t know much about him other than he s kind of a rich, spoiled, playboy, who likes to annoy his mother the Duchess of the Lake It turns out there is to him and his life than partying and causing trouble The House of the Lake is one of the original Royal Houses a [...]

  10. I was beyond disappointed to read this Garnet as a secret member of the Resistance had the potential to be the best and most exciting character and a true surprise at the end of a very formulaic book Garnet s messy romantic liaisons and party boy attitude is not only a brilliant cover for starting a revolution underneath his disgusted mother s nose, but it would suggest my favorite theory of the book that I suspect we re not getting that the Surrogates have been seeding the children with empathy [...]

  11. I really would have preferred a novella about the Duchess of the Lake tbh This was a good recap of The Jewel from Garnet s perspective but I don t really care about Garnet at this point in the series Nonetheless, I had planned on rereading The White Rose and this put me in a good position to do that It just didn t really add much perspective to the overall story for me.

  12. This short novella showcases Garnet in all his mischievous glory It largely tells the same story as The Jewel, in part, but from Garnet s perspective instead of Violet s so you can see what the bad boy Prince is really like You absolutely have to have read The Jewel before you read this novella, it s full of spoilers Whilst it might seem a bit repetitive to basically read the same story again just with a slightly different spin on it, it s actually not that noticeable Garnet has somehow gotten h [...]

  13. I loved this little novella from Garnet s perspective It s really cool seeing how Garnet s been a part of the whole thing since the beginning, and only because he was blackmailed into it I liked the insight into how he sees Annabelle, and what he will do to protect his reputation, view spoiler like agreeing to Lucien s blackmail to save face from the Cyan incident hide spoiler I like his trait of loyalty and protectiveness, and the way he will still view spoiler follow through with the plan to g [...]

  14. I found this author referenced in an article about The Handmaid s Tale and downloaded the first book It is a great premise, a great series I read the first one in one night and proceeded to download and read all of the others including the novellas The only thing stopping these books from being 5 stars is a shaky character development on the secondary characters In some parts of the series, they are quite important, their motivations, needs, wants Even their understanding of the world around the [...]

  15. First Sentence There is already a swarm of photographers waiting outside the nightclub as my motorcar pulls up So, even though some of the events are the same, just with a different POV, I love how Garnet s tells the story He may seem like just a snobby, rich boy but there s something deeper going on with him He feels trapped He doesn t want to be controlled After he gets his assignment, and actually sees the surrogate as a person and not an object, he starts to views his life differently Isn t [...]

  16. As with the House of Stone novella, this one fits nicely into the series and gives a glimpse into something we missed which is interesting I always wanted Garnet, and here we have it I would actually have loved this side story to be longer and give us a bit of his story to show us how he fell for Raven but maybe that s coming.

  17. Reading Garnet s story really reminded me of how much he had changed throughout the series probably the one character that changed the most to be honest I didn t like him at the beginning of the series, but came to really enjoy him toward the end, so reading his story brought back all of the unlikable feelings.

  18. Ein tolle Erg nzung zu Amy Ewings Reihe Das Juwel Man erf hrt mehr ber Garnet und bekommt im Schnelldurchlauf nochmal eine Zusammenfassung vom ersten Teil Ich w rde daher empfehlen die Geschichte vor dem zweiten Band zu lesen, wenn der erst schon etwas zur ck liegt Ich ziehe ein Stern ab, weil 10% der Geschichte die Leseprobe f r den dritten Teil sind.

  19. I thought it was good change to see the story in someone else s eyes There are a lot of scenes repeated from the first book The Jewel however, just seeing it in Garnet s eyes, you see him open up his eyes to the world I was always curious to how became a role in Violet s life.

  20. The last novella out for the series.It was a good read Enjoyed it a lot than Sil s Story Always nice to see a bit of background in some of the characters Hoping Garnet features a bit of a bigger role in the final book The Black Key.

  21. W tej nowelce wreszcie mamy okazj zrozumie , dlaczego i jak si zmieni Garnet Bardzo polecam, by czytaj c mie przy sobie pierwsz cz , by sprawdza wszystkie wydarzenia, tak e z perspektywy Violet Nowelka warta przeczytania.

  22. Have insight into Garnet and into the world about and I liked seeing how he views everything but not needed.

  23. This was so much interesting than The Jewel, and I really hope this leads toGarnet having a bigger role in the next books Really interesting character

  24. Garnet was one of my favorite characters in The Jewel so I really enjoyed this novella from his POV It helps fill in some of the gaps which is always a bonus.

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