Things I've Been Silent About: Memories

Things I've Been Silent About: Memories Best Read || [Azar Nafisi] - Things I've Been Silent About: Memories, Things I ve Been Silent About Memories I started making a list in my diary entitled Things I Have Been Silent About Under it I wrote Falling in Love in Tehran Going to Parties in Tehran Watching the Marx Brothers in Tehran Reading Lolita i
  • Title: Things I've Been Silent About: Memories
  • Author: Azar Nafisi
  • ISBN: 9781400063611
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover

Things I've Been Silent About: Memories Best Read || [Azar Nafisi], Things I've Been Silent About: Memories, Azar Nafisi, Things I ve Been Silent About Memories I started making a list in my diary entitled Things I Have Been Silent About Under it I wrote Falling in Love in Tehran Going to Parties in Tehran Watching the Marx Brothers in Tehran Reading Lolita in Tehran I wrote about repressive laws and executions about public and political abominations Eventually I drifted into writing about private betrayals implic Things I've Been Silent About: Memories Best Read || [Azar Nafisi] - Things I've Been Silent About: Memories, Things I ve Been Silent About Memories I started making a list in my diary entitled Things I Have Been Silent About Under it I wrote Falling in Love in Tehran Going to Parties in Tehran Watching the Marx Brothers in Tehran Reading Lolita i

  • Things I've Been Silent About: Memories Best Read || [Azar Nafisi]
    487 Azar Nafisi
Things I've Been Silent About: Memories

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  1. Azar Nafisi, Ph.D Persian born December 1955 is an Iranian professor and writer who currently resides in the United States.Nafisi s bestselling book Reading Lolita in Tehran A Memoir in Books has gained a great deal of public attention and been translated into 32 languages.

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  1. Anyone hoping to get an inside look at Iran under the Shah and in the immediate aftermath of the revolution or a blow by blow account of political survival under dictatorships will be sorely disappointed when they read Nafisi s final sentence and close this book This is not that book To be honest, it s not even a particularly Iranian or even Muslim book What it is, is the intensely personal account of a woman and her relationship to her parents how it disastrously warped and positively shaped he [...]

  2. I read Nafisi s best known book, Reading Lolita in Tehran, when it was first published in 2003 While I appreciated the work, it did not leave me with a desire to read anything else by Nafisi I admired the writing, but I had conceived a dislike for the writer I cannot easily explain why However, it seemed to me that there was something unapproachable about Nafisi an intellectual arrogance, maybe which made me unable to warm to her A few weeks ago I became involved in a discussion about Iran in a [...]

  3. Reading a memoir, at worst, satisfies us the way gossip shows do We peep into other people s life and see things similar or different from ours We take pleasures from mistakes and failures that others do we learn the lessons or just secretly be thankful that it doesn t happen to us.At best, reading a memoir is like being a confidant to a close friend She opens up her life, her intricate relationship with her parents, and her experience as an individual citizen in the political, religious context [...]

  4. Things I ve Been Silent About is the second memoir of Azar Nafisi, the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, which became an international bestseller in 2003 This new book is a collection of memories of Nafisi s growing up in Tehran as a privileged young girl in an elite family with a complicated, overwhelming mother, who didn t give her children any personal space, and a charming but sad father, who filled Nafisi s childhood with stories from the Shahnameh The Persian Book of Kings and whose desp [...]

  5. Dopo Leggere Lolita a Teheran ritorno ad assaporare, a vivere il mondo di Azar Nafisi Il mondo raccontato dalla Nafisi un mondo affascinante per certi versi, in quanto ci permette di conoscere meglio Teheran, la sua terra nat a, ma allo stesso tempo un mondo difficile e particolare in quanto vi sono leggi e divieti incomprensibili e deleteri per una donna Le cose che non ho detto un viaggio che racconta cosa significa essere donna a Teheran dove tutti i tuoi diritti sono violati E una autobiogra [...]

  6. This book isn t about Iranian politics It s about an Iranian daughter and her family This isn t a bad thing Nafisi is a fasinating woman, and this book, written in chronological sequence, is in many ways a mediation on family which makes it strangely compelling It is as if you are watching Nafisi walk back thorough her memories.Yet despite its very personal feel, the book also is a good way to show the differences and similarities of culture Nafisi family is warped but in much the same way that [...]

  7. This book took me forever to finish I m not sure what I expected, but this wasn t it I remember the Iranian revolution I was in junior high and high school when the Americans were taken hostage in the embassy and I clearly remember the events as they were happening I guess I wanted an idea of what it was like from someone who was actually there.Nafisi is the pampered daughter of two people who were both well connected Her father was an advisor to the Shah and her mother eventually became part of [...]

  8. This is one of those books that I could easily see how someone else could feel differently about when they read it It is both an autobiography, and a picture of the Iranian political system during a certain point in time For me, the family dysfunction on the autobiographical side was difficult to read This is a family full of the kind of jealousies, back biting, and petty cruelties which are painful than enlightening to read about There is no arch to the story this family story ends with the sa [...]

  9. The author is my cousin at first i thought im only interested in this book because it reveals a past that no one in my family cares to speak about we dont air our dirty laundry in public but then after two chapters i began to see that there is some sort of magic in her way of telling the stories

  10. Things I ve Been Silent About, by Azar Mafisi, narrated by Maila Azad, produced by Books on Tape, downloaded from audible.In this book, Mafisi tells us about her actual life Her previous bestseller, Reading Lolita in Tehran described what it was like to teach in Iran especially after the revolution This second book tells us about Azar growing up in Iran in an unusual family Her father was mayor of the town but then got on the wrong side of the Shah and was thrown into jail for three years until [...]

  11. In Things I ve Been Silent About, Azar Nafisi writes about growing up in Tehran Regardless of living in a country that is undergoing revolutionary change, Nafisi s parents steal the show in this memoir Her mother, Nezhat Nafisi, although somewhat overbearing, is a complicated person who is living in the past, but ahead of her time as a member of the Iranian parliament Her father, Ahmad Nafisi, was mayor of Tehran before the Revolution and offers a perspective into the political establishment und [...]

  12. this makes a good enrichment for her book Reading Lolita in Tehran she talks a lot about the reading and her study of literature, and her teaching but the main thrust of this book is personal her upbringing in an educated middle class home, with Islam culturally part of the family s life, but mostly secular Her family quite dysfuncional, especially her mother, frustrated herself and unable to move beyond it, not realizing how much she traumatized her daughter and the ytounger brother, not to men [...]

  13. I really liked Nafisi s Reading Lolita in Tehran, but as I held this book in my hand at the bookstore, I thought to myself, do I really care about this woman enough to read her life story, and does she have an interesting life I m skeptical of writers who feel compelled to write their autobiographies without really having anything interesting to say Even really great writers can write autobiographies that shouldn t have been written Nabokov s was a long yawn Sartre s was just absurd and pretenti [...]

  14. First, I did not like Reading Lolita in Tehran I thought the idea was ingenious, perhaps even brilliant, but was quickly strangled by a string of cliche s, which, unfortunately, followed the author throughout her memoir Things I ve Been Silent About One almost wishes she had remained silent The book is self indulgent bordering on narcissistic , petulant, and disappointingly unoriginal A good portion of the book focuses on her relationship with her mother only to end in the anti climatic It was i [...]

  15. Uno dei poteri della lettura, il lato per cos dire collettivo della lettura non in contrapposizione, ma accanto a quelli che sono i suoi tratti di fruizione e beneficio strettamente personali e meravigliosamente egoistici , quello di connettere sulla mappa geografica culturale ed esistenziale individui fra loro lontanissimi, che mai potrebbero conoscersi e comprendersi e amarsi senza un libro a fare loro da intermediario Io non c entro niente con l Iran Non ne conosco la cultura, la storia e la [...]

  16. I was looking forward to reading this memoir after reading Reading Lolita in Tehran a few years ago I remember enjoying that book and I was hoping that her new book would tell the personal side of her story.Dr Nafisi does share a fair amount about her parents and her life growing up in Tehran Unfortunately though, I didn t really find myself enjoying the story very much She share a great deal about how difficult her mother was I m not a therapist, but I m guessing that her mother probably suffe [...]

  17. I just finished this book and it was AMAZING Last summer i read ms nafisi s first memoir, Reading Lolita in Tehran After completing that book i thought I knew so much about this incredible woman s life I was wrong She covered a smaller portion of her life in that memoir That book was specifically aimed at to discuss her experiences during the Iranian Revolution Iran Iraq war and how it prompted her to take the bold and brave step of teaching students literature in her home secretly The students [...]

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