The Anonymous Man

The Anonymous Man Best Read || [Vincent L. Scarsella] - The Anonymous Man, The Anonymous Man What if one day you could become anonymous free of obligations free to do what you have always wanted to do That s exactly what Jerry Shaw pulls off after faking his death to collect on a million
  • Title: The Anonymous Man
  • Author: Vincent L. Scarsella
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Anonymous Man Best Read || [Vincent L. Scarsella], The Anonymous Man, Vincent L. Scarsella, The Anonymous Man What if one day you could become anonymous free of obligations free to do what you have always wanted to do That s exactly what Jerry Shaw pulls off after faking his death to collect on a million life insurance policy But just when Jerry thinks he has escaped his former life he is betrayed by his co conspirators his wife and best friend and learns that a tenaciousWhat if o The Anonymous Man Best Read || [Vincent L. Scarsella] - The Anonymous Man, The Anonymous Man What if one day you could become anonymous free of obligations free to do what you have always wanted to do That s exactly what Jerry Shaw pulls off after faking his death to collect on a million
  • The Anonymous Man Best Read || [Vincent L. Scarsella]
    472 Vincent L. Scarsella
The Anonymous Man

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  1. Vince Scarsella has eight 8 published novels to his credit, including bestselling crime mystery novels, The Anonymous Man, and its sequel, Still Anonymous, as well as Lawyers Gone Bad, Personal Injuries, and Winning Is Everything, of the Lawyers Gone Bad series The Messiah tells the story of a Jesus like preacher whose rising popularity threatens the ruling elite known as The Supremacy Scarsella has also had published two books in the Psi Wars Series, Escape From The Psi Academy, Book 1 and Return To The Psi Academy Book 2 Finally, he has a young adult fantasy for readers of all ages novella, Within A Dream, to his credit His play, The Penitent was staged at the Watermelon Festival and Hate Crime was staged on 09 13 15 in Buffalo He also has published numerous short stories in print magazines such as The Leading Edge, Aethlon The Journal of Sport Literature, and Fictitious Force, short story collections, and in several online zines His short story, The Cards of Unknown Players, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize Vince has also published non fiction works, most notably, The Human Manifesto A General Plan For Human Survival, that has been favorably reviewed by the Ernest Becker Foundation His complete writing credentials can be accessed at vincentscarsella.webs Vince retired in September 2010 after a long career as an attorney with the State of New York In May, 2011, he and his wife, Rosanne, moved minutes from Disney World, where he teaches at Polk State College and writes He and Rosanne have three children and six grandchildren His work can be accessed at vincentscarsella.webs or Vincent L Sca

One thought on “The Anonymous Man

  1. Wow what a read that was Jerry Shaw, his wife Holly and friend Jeff decide to stage Jerry s disappearance to claim a 4 million dollar life insurance policy The plan is for them to stage an accident which supposedly kills Jerry and then for him to hide away in a property he has previously purchased far away from home Once things settle, Holly will join Jerry, they will split the money and Jeff will take his cut and in time will buy the ranch he has always dreamed of Problem one they need a corpse [...]

  2. Great little murder mystery with a twist Most of his life Jerry has wanted to do something other than what he is doing, be someone else, and now he might just get the chance to recreate his life as an anonymous man That is if he can get away with it.I liked the plot twists and turns in this book, certainly not what I expected It held my attention the whole way.I received this book as part of a good reads giveaway but the opinions are my own.

  3. I like this book a lot better than another book by this author, Lawyers Gone Bad The flow, pacing, and characters were all better plus there was action, description and less info dumping That said, this book still had some problems which caused the it s okay rating instrad if I liked it rating.My main issue with this book is that it drags Books like this should clip along rather quickly because otherwise it s too easy to lose interest, identify the twists long before they happen and get frustra [...]

  4. Clever Witty Fun This is a great book It was a fun fast read The book reminded me of n old BW classic detective movie, which is a rare outstanding piece of work Ali enjoyed the plot, and the good guys prevail This was an enjoyable read What a great find

  5. Writer Vincent Scarsella is a tricky guy If he disappears one day nobody will ever find him I know this, how The Anonymous Man is a handy guide to absconding with a ton of loot and rebooting your present mundane existence Couple things, though Don t attend your own funeral And make sure you really, really trust your wife and best friend Jerry was pretty sure he could handle it fake his death, hide out til the insurance policy pays out for double indemnity for accidental death, and bingo Home fre [...]

  6. Copy courtesy of NetGalleyThe introduction captured me, I mean view spoiler who doesn t want to attend their own funeral hide spoiler and become anonymous to the world I d love it would get up to unbelievable mischief for which there are no consequences Really a 4.5 star, but cannot make it 5 stars as the protagonist is a bit of a pussy whipped putz who sort of toughens up and causes ructions, but eventually succumbs to feminine charms again I mean, really Great novel with an interesting storyli [...]

  7. Thank you Netgalley and Digital Fiction Publishing Corp for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.What a great fast paced book this is that had me hooked from the first page Jerry Shaw fakes his own death in collaboration with his wife and friend to receive a 4 million dollar insurance payout The book starts with Jerry observing his own funeral and then goes back to tell the preceding events What follows twists and turns with an investigator hot on their heels I don t wa [...]

  8. Such a good story This story is written very well While reading it you are sure they are going to get caught There are several different situations where they could get caught Through out this book I was constantly wanting to yell at Jerry He keeps trusting Holly even when she doesn t deserve it I was really glad with the ending and I feel like it brought everything full circle I received this book for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review This has not influenced my opinions on the book [...]

  9. Good Story This was a great story It was well written, had an excellent storyline, and was fast paced I rooted for Jerry throughout the story, and I was happy about the way things ended Great read

  10. Good suspense thriller.I very much enjoyed this book about the fake dying of a young man who was very unhappy with his life The book flows along nicely with a lot of suspense and adventure.

  11. How much can you trustVery good story, well written with characters that you can hate and those you just want to smack because they are doing stupid things And it proves that you really have to be careful about whom you trust with your life literally

  12. Interesting read.Fairly well written, with a few good surprises I was not familiar with the unusual plot and I have read mountains of stories Enjoyable story.

  13. A cleverly written book There was a hokey unrealistic part in the middle but having enjoyed the first part I kept reading This ended up being a 3.75 on the 1 5 scale, for me anyway.

  14. GreatA lot of suspense Carmella does a good job bringing his story to life The intriguing plot is easy to follow without giving away the whole story before its time.

  15. I really enjoyed this book It was so well written and easy to read Great opening to the story though, I can t imagine going to my own funeral You have to wonder if Jerry really thought this through properly Faking your own death for an Insurance pay out, doesn t sound easy Especially if you have an Investigator like Jack Fox investigating you It also shows the old adage who can you really trust when it comes to large sums of money One of the standouts for me is the detail the Author has put into [...]

  16. I received a free copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I made the mistake of reading other peoples reviews before starting this book so I was expecting a lot than I got It irritated me how the author kept explaining who everyone was, each time they were mentioned Holly was Jerrys wife For example, everytime Holly is mentioned it is followed swiftly with, his wife Other than that, the story was decent enough but quite stupid at times.

  17. While it was an okay read, I had some issue with the constant first half of the book repeats of the plan Seemed like every chapter had the plan copied and pasted into it with only slight deviations to reveal a small detail that was important to explain for the current or following chapter Once the plan had been set up and executed, there were far fewer references to it and the story flowed much better Liked it.

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